Emergency Module

The Emergency module is designed to prepare and coordinate emergency activities for facility or corporate responses. Emergency situations are always dynamic, and having information available in real time and being prepared can make a major difference in the mitigation of the emergency.
Plan - Preparing for emergencies is critical and the Planning module provides essential information:
Location Information - Prepare facts about a location for use by
Crisis Plans - Link to the Crisis Plan located in the Document Module.
Organization - Add people and contact information to an organization chart with custom Sub Categories, such as First Responders, EMT, Rescue Team, Media Communications, etc.
Scenarios - Prepare emergency scenarios for training and reference during actual emergencies.
Conduct - Record event information during an actual emergency provides the team with a plan that develops, depending on events on the ground.  Adding these event details means all team members understand the stage of the emergency, so repetitious or competing actions are eliminated or greatly reduced.
Review -- The post-incident review is facilitated by the information input during the Conduct section. The recommendations of the review are added to the Actions module for managing follow-up.

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