Process equipment is the ”first line of defense” in facility protection. Design, selection, fabrication, construction, installation and operation provide a process cycle to ensure the process integrity is maintained.
Equipment  - Coordinate equipment data with Process Safety Information, Process Hazard Analysis, etc. Selects the equipment to include in the MI program and works with Process Safety Information.
Inspection/Testing/PM - Defines tasks and responsibilities for inspections, testing and PM activities for equipment and systems. Works with the Calendar and Actions modules.
Training/Certification - Manage training and certification for personnel involved with MI. Works with the Learning and Procedures modules.
Quality Assurance/Quality Control - Provides QA/QC procedures for specific equipment. Works with the Procedures module.
Schedule - Schedule MI activities with the calendar and send out automatic alerts for critical or other equipment of pending MI activities.
Repair - Maintain a repair history for designated equipment.
Codes/Standards - Maintained in the Document Module and can be linked to MI projects.
Troubleshooting - Tool for  equipment troubleshooting information.   It uses “Tree” navigation to find important troubleshooting answers to equipment issues.

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