Observation Module

Making observations of safe and unsafe activities is a valuable tool in improving safety performance. The process can be frustrating in larger operations when the number of observations are increasing at a rate that overwhelms the capacity to manage them. The Observation module is a way to record the observation in the simplest and fastest way so the documentation is not burdensome. 

Administration  -  Enter types of observations and status levels.

Observer Information -  Record two observers and when the visit was conducted.

Person Observed Information  -  Enter names and company of persons observed.

Observation -  Determine if safe or unsafe, type of observation and description.

Action - Add an Action to the Action Module.

Metrics - Show observers and observed person, total visit time and number of safe/unsafe observations.

Charting - Display graphics of By Location, By Category, Safe/Unsafe, Status, Action Status.

Summary Report - Data chart of items in system with Excel export.

Observation Report - Report of Description, Type, Category, with Excel export.






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