Document Management

Document management is difficult when spread over file cabinets, individual computers and multiple servers. Finding critical documents for immediate use, training, audits, etc. is best performed in a centralized and secure online system with the capability to conduct a universal search.

Comprehensive - All types of company documents can be added and maintained in one system.

Document Information - Assign Category/SubCategory, Descriptions, Creator/Owner of the document, Date Created, Revision cycle with automatic calculation for the next revision date.

Search - Find documents with Title, Description wording, Category and Sub Category.

ISO Support - Documents automatically have metadata in the footer to comply with ISO standards.

PDF Conversion - When documents are uploader, a PDF version is automatically generated and available for viewing.

Source Document - Author/owner with assigned rights can open source document for revisions.

Numbering - Automatic document numbering.

Viewing - While the document list is defaulted to the site for the person logging on, documents can be viewed and shared across the entire organization.

Administration - Setup document Categories, SubCategories with abbreviations that are used in document naming.

Application - Assign a document to the site, Business Unit, etc. to permit viewing documents across the organization.

Authors/Owners - Show document author and owner.

Status - Automatically maintain document status.

Revisions - Manage versions and revision cycles.

Temporary Assignment - Assign temporary to document with automatic archiving.

Review/Approve - Record review and approval information.

History - Automatically record document history.





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