Management of Change (MOC), Pre-Startup Safety Review and Operational Readiness Review (ORR) module is integrated into a single module.  This approach is unique because the process starts with a MOC and if a PSSR is needed, then that section is automatically added.  The ORR is used as the final approval to allow "pushing the button" to start a process. In this way the assessments are coordinated into a seamless process. 

Integration - Works seamlessly with PreStartup Review, Operational Readiness Review and Action module

Administration  - Setup MOC with Type (emergency, temporary, permanent, etc.), Sections, Answer Type and Questions. When a question is added it can be determined to be a parent or child to help in organizing.

MOC Information -  Record change type, entered by with date, assigned to with date, Work order number.  The MOC number is automatically generated.  Add statements for Proposed Change and Technical Basis for the change.

Questions - Add/edit questions and organize into sections such as operations, maintenance, HSE, etc.

Conduct - Conduct MOC study with questions, response drop downs, comments and Add Actions that are coordinate with the Action module.

Attachments - Documents and pictures can be uploaded and attached to the MOC.

Action - Add actions that automatically integrate with the Action Module.

Notifications - Automatic notifications of new MOC and days past due.

Approve - Approvals by designated approvers are entered and posted.

Calendar - Scheduled MOC automatically entered into the Calendar Module.

Assign/Reassign - Assign and re-assign MOC.

History - All changes in status are automatically recorded with date and appropriate user name.



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