Incident Module

The only good thing about an incident is what we learn and apply to prevent additional incidents. Our Incident Module is a comprehensive reporting and investigation system that is designed for a wide range of incident types, such as:

  • Environmental
  • Fire
  • Injury/Illness
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Near Miss
  • Process Safety
  • Property
  • Safety
  • Security

Comprehensive - Report all incidents in one comprehensive  and organized system.

Administration - Dropdown data is managed for General Incident Information (type, classification, affected body part, PPE and activity) as well as for each of the incident types. An example is for Fire where Fire Type, Fire Classification, Fuel Source, Ignition Source and Fire Extinguishment Method dropdown options are entered.

General Information - Record incident type, Date, Time Location, Severity and an incident description.

Application - Assign the incident to the site, Business Unit, etc.

Incident Information -  Each incident type can have additional details specific to that incident.  Examples of Injury Details includes the Injured Persons Name, Supervisor/Manager Name. Dropdown are provided to select Injury Nature, Affected Body Part and Injury Mechanisms.

Experience - Information on a person's experience such as Date Hired (automatic from User Administration), Task Experience, Training Course and Date and other experience comments can be added.

Classification - A designated user with classification rights can classify and incident such as Recordable, Lost Time, etc. When the classification is determined and approved, it is automatically added to the Incident metrics.

Response - Details of the response to an incident are recorded.

Treatment - Details of the treatment given at the site, transportation and medical facility treatment is recorded.

Attachments - Documents and pictures can be uploaded and attached to the incident.

Weather - Atmospheric condition, temperature, wind direction and wind speed are recorded for the incident.

Witness - Witness information is entered with comments about the witness observations.

Notification - Incident notifications can be sent by email to selected individuals and the date and time are recorded.

Findings - A complete description can be added to support the supervisor or team investigation.

Cause Analysis - A dropdown is provided for Cause Type which determines the dropdown items in Cause Factor and then the dropdown for Cause.  When the Cause is displayed a statement can be added to describe the cause determined by the investigation. 

Review - Reviews by designated reviews are entered and posted.

Action - When the Cause is determined, Actions can be added that are automatically entered in the Action module.

Approve - Approvals by designated approvers are entered and posted.

History - All changes in status are automatically recorded with date and appropriate user name.

Metrics - View real-time charts for incident types, Near Miss by type, TIFR/LTIR, Nature, Body Part. Mechanism, Location, Operation, etc.

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