Action Module

An integral component of a risk management system is the assignment and implementation of Actions. Tracking them until completion can be quite challenging and failure to manage them efficiently can leave an organization vulnerable. 

The Action module is our method of managing these actions and preventing them from “falling through the cracks.”  Essentially every module can produce an action that needs to be assigned for completion.  The Action/Goal module is designed to integrate all actions into a centralized module with the following features:

Compliance - Demonstrate the completion of assigned actions.

Productivity - The key to productivity in any organization is getting things done and action management is the method to accomplish important activities.

Individual Goals - Actions assigned vs actions completed is a valuable metric and can be the central component of a goal system.

Organizational Goals - Organizations have important wider ranging goals that include many individual goals. 

Interactivity - Automatic coordination with modules so updating can be done in the Action module or the source module.

Notifications -  Automatic action notification to person with reminders at designated dates

Action Information -  Record Entered By, Assigned To,  Entered Date, Assigned Date, Due Date, Accepted Date, Source of Action.

Reassign - Reassign to another person with email notification.

Status - Show status in real-time.

Task - Enter unlimited task for an action with In Progress and Complete status.

Comments - Enter comments with name of person entering and Date. 

Attachments - Upload document and photo attachments.

Cost Analysis - Add labor, materials and other cost with automatic calculation of total  expenses.

Approve - Approvals by designated approvers are entered and posted.

History - All changes in status are automatically recorded with date and appropriate user name. 

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