MESHlog Module - In Revision

Operations and Maintenance communication errors have been implicated to be a major contributor cause in many process disasters.  The MESHlog module is designed to provide an electronic record of what activities occurred during a shift that needs to be used to provide a smooth transition to the new shift personnel.

Ease of Use - The MESHlog is designed to use dropdowns and automated data display wherever possible to make the use of the module as simple and fast as possible.

Shift Log - Display shift information and log entries

Administration - Manage dropdown items such as Activity Type, Status, and Shift Information.

Shift Information - Setup the shift information with Site, Department and Unit information. Select the number of shifts and define the name and start time that displays in the Log.

Log Header - Shows shift information with navigation for location, date and shift.  Shows team members working during the shift.

Log - Add and edit the item entry time, initials of who entered, location, Activity, Status, Status End Time and initials of user who completed the Status.

Activity Type - The Activity type defines the information to be displayed.  Permits will display the permit type and number,  Incident will display the incident number and Work Order will be shown.  Clicking the number will launch the appropriate attachment. 

Status - Status is displayed with color coding.  The “Holdover” status will be added to the next shift logs until completed.



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