MESHsystem Features

MESHsystems is the leading general and process safety system available today and is in its 3rd version. It can be configured to support multiple systems such as:

  • Safety Management Systems (SMS)
  • Process Safety Management Systems (PSM)
  • Safety Environmental Systems (SEMS)
  • ANSI Z10
  • ISO 18001
  • Risk Managment Plan (RMP)


Accessible - This is an Secure Cloud hosted system that is monitored, maintained and accessible 24/7.

Content - Contains all of the essential modules and many value adding modules.

Design -  "Function" is critical to system success, but so is "form." Users will more readily accept a system with an attractive interface that uses clean lines and aboids "visual clutter." Our goal is to allow users to access information in "2 clicks" once the system is launched. 

Ease of Use - A positive user experience is based on how easy the system is to use and that starts with intuitive controls and clear navigation. Our clients routinely operate the system with a brief introduction and no need for extensive training. 

Hosting - Our strategic partner for all hosting is with Armor. This decision was based on the ultimate protection of our clients data and the Armor infrastructure is built for security, compliance, performance and scalability with global facilities in Dallas, Phoenix, London, Amsterdam and Singapore

Integration - MESHsystems modules are full integrated, which means information can be shared between modules. One example of the advantage of integration is with the Actions module. Actions can come from many module sources and then are combined in the Action module. This makes it easy to manage actions by a user and updating the Action will automatically update the module that was it's source. 

Languages - The Language module allows the organization to translate all module labels to any language.  When the User is setup in the Administration module, the language preference is identified so the site opens in the appropriate language. 

Mobile Applications - Our latest version is designed to run on handheld computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), enterprise digital assistants (EDAs), smartphones and cellphones 

Real-time - Data entered in the system is dynamic and instantly updates the system to immediately generate charts, KPIs and other tracking information.

Reports - With the advanced reporting capabilities, reports can be automatically updated and ready for viewing or exporting. 

Scalable - The system is design with a customizable home page and administration module.  The organization can add modules one at a time by having them "turned on" when needed.  We have also developed several custom modules that were needed that work seamlessly within MESHsystems.

Speed - MESHsystems is a very fast system!  This is because of the technologies employed to design the system, the efficient UI along . Our clients have always commented that MESHsystems V2 (Flash) is the fastest system they use and MESHsystems V3 is being developed to be even faster. 

  • Technology - Our clients have always commented that MESHsystems V2 is the fastest system they have used and MESHsystems V3 is being developed to be even faster.
  • User Interface (UI) - Our efficient design is based on "horizontal navigation" described in Ease of Use above. Less clicks equals speed.
  • Hosting - Utilizing thebmost powerful Armor hosting environment available further enhanses the speed for regional and global access.


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