The Audit module provides the ability to conduct, collaborate and communicate audit content throughout the entire Audit Cycle is managed in a centralized module containing five primary components. Administration, Questions, Schedule, Conduct and Review. 

Comprehensive - Manage all types of Audits such as Safety, Environmental, Process Safety, SEMS, DOT, HIPAA, Security and essentially any audit requiring questions and responses.

Generate Questions - Enter questions and add Validation statements to provide the auditor with additional detail concerning the question.  Add standard responses in the Observation and Recommendations sections, that can be selected during the actual audit. This is a major time saver and increases consistency.

Schedule Audits - Schedule all audit types, and they are automatically added to the calendar. Add audit team members and assign their roles.

Conduct Audits -  Select the audit from the schedule and start an audit.  Questions will be displayed and answers are  selected from a set of standard answers.  

Administration - Setup audits with categories,  SubCategories and question groups.  Manage role titles for team members.

Questions - Add questions to Audit Categories and Sub Categories.

Schedule - Plan all audits with the scheduler with time, type. location, roles and responsibilities. The audit can be automatically added to the Calendar module.

Calendar - Display audits automatically in the calendar module.

Validations - can be displayed to assist the auditor for audit accuracy and consistency.

Recommendations -  Add standard recommendation statements that can be selected quickly during an audit. Select a standard recommendation statement from the menu or input a new recommendation.

Observation - Add standard observation statements that can be selected quickly during an audit. Select an observation statement from the menu or input a new observation statement.

Attachments - Add documents and photos to a question.

Notification - Automatic notification of audits scheduled to team members.

Approve - Approvals by designated approvers are entered and posted.

Review Audits - Finishing an audit means to get it accurate and approved. MESHsystems allows the location audited and other reviewers to view the audit questions and responses and then add comments.  The Auditor can review the comments, modify the audit if needed, and then it can be submitted for approval.

History - All changes in status are automatically recorded with date and appropriate user name.

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