Mobile Technology Unit (MTU)

Why a MTU?

The Mobile Technology Unit(MTU) is used to provide clients and our team with the ultimate work environment.

One example was on a 4 year project. The first year was wih conventional travel and using the clients facilities. In year 2 - 4 we provided the MTU and the overall savings calculated by the client was 52% less than the travel expenses for traditional travel, hotel and expenses. This comes from several factors, but one of the most significant is the efficiency of the project due to fewer ramp up and ramp down times.  Typically the MTU and team arrive and get started with that phase of the project and work until the phase is complete.

On Board Technologies

In consulting, the reality is that the facility provides only offices and equipment that are spare. Even if the best was available, it does now work at our level of technology, especially for movie production and editing. It is not practical to travel with this equipment by conventional travel, se we put "wheels" on it.

The MTU has the latest Mac graphic workstations, wired and wireless network, color laser printers and internet.  The computer is displayed on a 42" LED monitor for clear viewing by clients to facilitate project collaboration.

The work environment is quiet, comfortable and efficient.

Movie Studio on Wheels

The MTU carries digital still and movie cameras, tripods, sound, lighting and full onsite editing systems. We can capture video for training and video operating procedures.

When developing complex operating procedures, it is sometimes beneficial to record the task on video with the operator narrating the actions as they are being performed. This recorded narration is then used to create an operating procedure in an efficient manner that is accurate with a minimum of operator time. After the written procedure is produced, there is also a high quality video of the process. This is the ultimate multitasking.

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